The problem of place in America

After reading the article The problem of place in America, I found that the main problem that it talks about the most is about post world war 2 America and how marriages and families are having a tough time following through or becoming a family again.  It also talks about how after world war 2, stay-at-home wives are getting new jobs and are becoming a part of the workforce. What becomes a major problem or concern that is mentioned a lot is the unpleasantness that some families feel there. Although the families are in a reasonably nice area, they are still unhappy there. Many of the reasons why these people are unhappy are a result of either stress and or the environment around them. in other words, people feel an absence of life in this neighborhood, therefore, making the people anti-social or unhappy. a solution to these problems is doing yoga, hot-tubbing, and anything that is in association with relaxing the body. But a result of doing all of these mental exercises, the person doing these relaxing activities is either missing out on public life and social relaxation. in fact, one of the ways that people relax at work is the occasional coffee break. This revolutionary idea of a coffee break puts relaxing alone and public life altogether. Because of this people are now not only able to relax at work, but also at any coffee shop. people that do go to these coffee shops can either relax on their own and be drinking coffee, or they can be with a group of people relaxing and talking. Coffee has become a bridge for this kind of social interaction from happening. these coffee shops are known as third places, where it can be a cross between work and social life. the only problem with this is that people sometimes would still prefer to stay at home and do nothing. This is a problem that is not the stores’ fault but an individual problem that the person has. if that individual is having a stressful time trying to socialize or wants to stay away from work but is unmotivated to try and go somewhere then that is a personal problem.

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