character of third places

This article talks about the Third place in society. it talks about how in countries at certain times, this leads to the point that it doesn’t matter where the social area it is. All that matters is that you’re socializing in a form of a meeting area.  many of the author’s points are toward people that don’t focus on attaching themselves to the third place. but what really gets in the way of this is when someones own third place isn’t someone else’s personal space. many reasons why the person wouldn’t socialize is because they aren’t happy being at that third place. maybe they would prefer to be at a bar where although it isn’t a coffee shop, it still has the same atmosphere as the coffee shop where people are social and are having a good time. the whole idea of escape is also a reason to compare to the place that you live. in fact, it is better to try and understand how your third place should be placed. another issue that is mentioned in the article is about how some people are picky about certain people in their friend group. This is especially around friends that the individual doesn’t quite like. this is the source of one of the problems that people have in society today. not many people are open to hanging out with a different friend group and are less likely to go out because of this. not only are you not interested in hanging out with that one individual, but you are even more likely to not go out at all because you know that those friends will be hanging out with that one guy you don’t like. If anything, trying to go out with someone you don’t like is a part of socializing and sometimes that’s what is necessary to be social.

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